Unityfund — Building the World’s Largest Decentralized Charity Network

About UnityFund

UNITY token is the native cryptocurrency of the UnityFund ecosystem, with it allowing for the creation of an ongoing,outonomous, mutually beneficial situation between UNITY token holders and global charitable causes.

The UnityFund Ecosystem

The UnityFund ecosystem will become a collection of smart contracts that work together to do more than just creating and managing a token, but will allow for the democratisation of our donation process, the ability for UNITY to be staked in order to earn our secondary token (more details coming in V2!), and for a truly decentralized large scale system of perpetual altruism to be created and grown.

UnityFund Advantages

Help Charities Improve the World

A REAL Rug Pull Proof Token

Unlike other tokens that say they’re rug proof only to soft rug pull two weeks later, UnityFund’s UNITY token actually is rug pull proof by design with additional steps taken to show our commitment.

UNITY Tokenomics

4% of every UNITY transaction goes to UNITY holders as a form of passive income, 4.5% is sent to our Pancakeswap pool to continually increase our liquidity, 1% is sent to Binance.Charity to help many different causes and 0.5% goes towards dev, admin and operations.

Distribution of Tokens

UNITY has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens that are minted upon the launch of the contract, with there being no possible way for devs or anyone else to mint more UNITY tokens. Upon the only mint that will ever occur, the distribution will take place as follows:

  • 40% Presale
  • 4% Team
  • 2% Growth
  • 2% Future Team
  • 2% Dev and Admin
  • 20% Locked V2 Allocation

Distributions of Transactions

Every UNITY transaction will have a total tax of 10% applied to it, with this tax being used to manifest the goals of the project and to infuse tangible value into the core of the ecosystem. The breakdown of what will happen with every UNITY transaction is as follows:

  • 4% UNITY Holders
  • 1% Binance.Charity
  • 0.5% Dev and Admin
  • 4.5% Auto LP


  • May 2021: Social Media Accounts and Channels Secured.
  • May 2021: Initial growth funding generated amongst team.
  • June 2021: Whitepaper V1 and tokenomics released publicly.
  • June 2021: Contract live on BSC Mainnet. Pancakeswap launch.
  • June 2021: UNITY Devs Renounce Ownership of Contracts
  • June 2021: 1st Round of Marketing Push, Influencer Engagement
  • June 2021: First smart contract audit successfully completed.
  • June 2021: First donation made to Binance.Charity
  • June 2021: Listing on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko
  • August 2021: UnityFund.Finance V2 Release.

Team Commitment

We are committed to this project, for the long term, in order to build something that we as a community look at in the future and are proud to say we were a part of and that generates the most amount of benefit for our community and the charities we will be supporting.

  • We are locking all of the community-designated liquidity (300,000,000 UNITY) into our Pancakeswap pool, where we will not have the ability to control that liquidity or dump it on the market.
  • We will be locking the entire 2% Dev, Admin and Operations allocation until the 11th August 2021 in a time-locking contract (here: ), which will mean that for the first 2 months of the life of the project it will have the chance to grow to a large marketcap unimpeded by the fear of a dump by our devs and admins.


We believe strongly in the potential for decentralization to improve the way that almost any structure or system works when you look at it from a perspective of the group that represents the largest number of participants. UnityFund is, at its core, a system designed to symbiotically link our community’s interests with the interests of millions of people that need assistance around the world.

Useful links to the project:

● Website: https://unityfund.finance/